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Spice Girls Cafe Bar

The Spice Girls joined together to take over the ownership and running of The Cafe Bar (the one on Barbie Street).

After a few alterations, including a children’s corner, they were ready for opening.

*Before opening the doors to the public they had a quick practice to make sure they were ready*

See more photographs at:  FLCKR

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Barbie Street

Teresa had been sent on an assignment to photograph ‘Flavas Hip Hop Crew’ at the awards show (see  Flavas) where they had been nominated for four awards.

She and her team rented a property on ‘Barbie Street’ that’s right, ‘Barbie Street’ … so she decided to meet a few of the people that lived or worked there.   It turned out that most, if not all, of the people were also renting to attend the awards show.

Not many people were home, but here are the ones that were:

No 1 was being rented by three of the Rivera sisters, of which there are 12 girls.   Portia (the youngest) hadn’t been able to decide on an outfit I was told, hence the outfits on the bed.1-barbie-street-4

ivy-cottage-barbie-street-5‘Ivy Cottage’ isn’t really a cottage at all.  In fact it is just a plain old house but I guess that doesn’t sound as good as ‘Ivy Cottage’.

Pilia and Huong (pictured) stayed there and had a very special visit from P Bo that had been pre-arranged.  Also staying there were Ruby and Alex.  Alex was one of the guest presenters at the awards show.


Lynne was staying in 12A, very posh.

The apartment, not Lynne.  Not that Lynne isn’t posh but, no she isn’t posh….she’d forgive me for saying that.

She wasn’t going to the awards show but was there on business.





Blair, Terri, Midge and Alexa were staying in No 49 which was probably the smallest of them all.  It had just two bedrooms so they were having to share,but it was all that was left when they had decided to book somewhere.



74 was occupied by three lovely ladies, Janay, Yasmin and Kara, all of them big fans of ‘Flavas Hip Hop Crew’.74-barbie-street-1


They stayed in the apartment next to the Flavas, but they didn’t know at the time.  Boy, were they unhappy when they found out afterwards who their neighbours were.




Vicky, Poppy, Blair and Jocelyn stayed in No 89 and they were also fans of Flavas.  They had travelled there the week before to enjoy some of the other shows that were going on at the time.

Pictured are Vicky and Poppy



Teresa, Me-in Ho, Eden, and Reina (yes, Teresa the photographer) rented No 157 which was one of the larger properties.

They were fortunate enough to have a lady going in daily cleaning, and COOKING, so they felt very spoilt.



There is a beauty parlour covering the usual hair, make up, nails, massage and specializing in reflexology. It’s very popular, so much so that it is difficult to get an appointment.

Here, Paola shows us around.




There is a light and airy cafe called ‘Cafe Bar’ so called because it sells food and alcohol (even during the day).

It also has a delicious selection of cakes.




The final property is ‘UV Boutique’ (Urban Vita Boutique) and Paola also showed us around this one,  Paola is an agent for most of the properties on this street and she meets and greets new tenants amongst other things.

This boutique is fabulous; the sort of place that you want to try everything on, and buy everything.

Eagle eyed visitors would have seen some of the Flavas crew in the cafe and beauty parlour and they have been caught on pictures which can be seen at:  FLCKR

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Halloween 2016 (and Dr Who?)

This years Halloween celebrations were marred before they got started.  Real ‘monsters’ visited Earth.  Did they come because it was Halloween?  Did they think they would just blend in with all those people dressed as monsters, zombies & vampires? Or, did they follow someone here?  And, who is the strange man with the blue box?

Click on the link  Halloween 2016 to read more and to see photographs.


Solange outside the old institute.